Who We Are

DigitalMindZ’s multifaceted platform was built upon a set of industry observations. These observations are backed by the market pressure global digital acceleration is exerting on by all organizations. We know that the transformation needed by businesses in order to deal with this ‘force of digital nature’ must be led by Board and Senior executives.

DmZ is not just as a platform but also serves as nexus where the best in thought leadership, expertise, digipreneurs and entrepreneurs can be found. It’s a gateway where startups can find investors and scale-ups, where organizations can find the right talent and the ‘best in sector’ startups to collaborate with. Our focus is on helping our clients create the organizational and business conditions that enable them to digitally accelerate and prosper in a global market driven by innovation

Our Founding Observations

“Organizations are facing increasing pressure to accelerate their digital innovation efforts”

DmZ’s response: Our platform of experts and expertise swiftly identifies the missing capabilities within your senior executives and organizations, delivering a plan of action that results in accelerated evolution

“To make the right digital acceleration choice organizations must be 100% clear on their current level of digital maturity and transformation capabilities”

DmZ’s response: Our unique nexus of mentors and leaders will deliver tailor made coaching programs to enable organizations to clearly make their assessments. Experts drawn from our DigitalMindZ academy can supply any expertise, tools and talent needed to not only perform the assessment process but identify and supply the talent for all applicable capabilities.

“Boardrooms primarily act through delegation, tasking digital strategy tasks to often standalone teams. They also rarely interact with external entrepreneurs and digipreneurs.”

DmZ’s response: Our change programs are individually crafted to engage with your organization’s digital journey. They are designed to take you from where you are now to where you need to be, focusing on tailor made engagements with digital entrepreneurs that operate with and have an impact on your business and market sector

“When executives do not understand the benefits of engaging with entrepreneurs they miss opportunities to harness and harvest digital acceleration opportunities”

DmZ’s response: We provide experts, partners and startups specialized and aligned to your business and industry. Our network of startups and digipreneurs is vast, creating a deep pool of solutions and tools to fit the digital business solutions needed today. Our unique ‘Innovation Engagement’ modeling is a complex solutions built around the pros and cons of a variety of business innovation and acceleration programs.

“There are thousands of digipreneurs: Few of them prove to be successful”

DmZ’s response: Our platform and network is designed to link the right digital partner to your digital journey – no matter what stage of your journey you are. We’ve moved past orthodox digital and tech providers, choosing instead to provide intelligence and expertise configured to your unique needs, creating organic solutions that align seamlessly.

Reshape your focus from Good to Great

It’s good to talk to experts.
Connecting with the right Digital experts preselected for your unique needs is great!

It’s good to search for answers in databases.
Sharing ideas and get inspired at Digital MindZ Academy is great!

It’s good to study research and best practise.
It’s great to dream, think and learn by doing the Digital Journey.

It’s good to attend Bootcamps and mining lots of Data.
Building great solutions and experience success in the Digital MindZ Maker Room is great!