Our Services

DmZ is a nexus of solutions, services, experts and partners that will direct and accelerate your organization’s digital transformation.  

Your business, whether you’re a corporate, public organization or a startup, is unique and so are your requirements. Your needs are also driven by how far along the Digital Transformation curve you are. That’s where you need our key service.

Direct: Acceleration Route Analysis

With your management, we harness your digital acceleration by defining solutioning on clear priorities
Our activities:

  • Determine priorities following from your digital maturity and transformation capabilities (impediments) as well as your current service portfolio and business domains (ambitions)
  • Assess and select from scenarios to deliver solutions on impediments as well as ambitions
  • Storyline the chosen scenario(‘s) to mobilize your organization
  • Custom made sourcing with digipreneurs and providers for delivery of your storyline

The result is a clear storyline on priorities for your digital strategy, supported by all key stakeholders, including a roadmap and sourcing of key capabilities. It will direct you to an array of follow up we define as ‘Prepare’, ‘Do’ or ‘Dive’ streams, briefly described below.

They are just a guideline, a sketch of the vast array of resources and support we provide. Please keep that mind as you review our most demanded offerings. The best solution is one driven by your needs so do contact us and let’s discuss your unique situation

Prepare: Digital Maturity Acceleration

On prioritized issues for a controlled growth of digital capabilities, selected experts from the DigitalMindZ ecosystem drive your organization to concrete improvements. Our experts perform deep dives or mentor individuals on the following maturity topics:

  • Strategy & Leadership
  • Customer Engagement
  • Products and Services
  • Organisation and Talent
  • Digital Operations
  • Digital Technologies

Do: Transformation Capability Acceleration

In collaboration with a DigitalMindZ partner team, your team will engage in a Player Room to detail, test and refine hypotheses on new value created by delivering digital business moments.

  • We facilitate work session to define Digital business moments 

  • DigitalMindZ will deliver design thinking expertise necessary for this process 
  • Tested and approved hypotheses will be promoted to a DigitalMindZ player room for delivery of Minimum Viable Products
  • After MVP delivery DigitalMindZ will guide your team to scale and grow the digital service 

Dive: The Digital Leap

DigitalMindZ experts engage with your team to determine new forms and mechanisms to create value.

  • Establish the dominant business model in your industry 

  • Analyse the notions about customer needs and interactions, technology, regulation, business economics, and ways of operating underpinning the core belief 

  • Investigate whether a digital technology can turn an underlying belief on its head 

  • Evaluate whether your intended reset pass a Sanity-test to adjacent industries 

  • Assess the feasibility of the transition of your company towards a business 
model based on the reset belief 

  • Creating Maker capabilities around your new business model 

What are your needs?

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