“I am interested in the future, because I am going to spend the rest of my life there, and I get to create it myself.”  This is my mantra after spending the last 20 years advising, supporting and coaching CIOs on four continents, working first for METAGroup and then for Gartner.

It is my belief that technology innovation will continue to change every aspect of our lives, and the velocity of change will continue to increase as I have experienced the last 37 years, working in and around IT.  

I am passionate about actively participating in the digital change agenda of large organisations and infusing technology at every intersection point.

I am enthused by the meteoric increase in new start-ups and the people leading them, who all share one view: “We are the force of change”. They are my inspiration for founding this great organisation. They are truly the DIGITALMINDZ!!

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My curious mindset creates new realities every day again. Technology offers an abundance of options. We need the right ones to grow new services and businesses.

I’m an inspiring and enthusiastic man, always looking for innovative solutions. Experiencing the life of an IT analyst/consultant, as well as being in the role of an Insurance Business Unit CIO has fuelled me with an all-round seasoned expertise during almost 30 years.  As the program director of an Investment Bank renovating their application landscape I’m honoured that I’ve appointed and worked with the designer of the Market Place System who later became the founder of the first Stock broker in the Netherlands.

The past 12 years I was a partner in a well-known global research company servicing corporate and public CIOs in more than 2000 worksessions to support their mission critical initiatives.

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