The Ecosystem to accelerate Digital Transformation

Leadership experiences the necessity for digitalization and can’t find the right digital talent to accelerate.  At the same time there are thousands of talented StartUps that can’t survive. DigitalMindZ will take away frictions to make both sides more successful.
DigitalMindz is a cooporation, formed to run a multi-sided platform. We support corporates to start, upgrade, and enhance their digital footprint in their industries. The support is provided through partnerships, with StartUps, ScaleUps and GrownUps, as well as digital experts and mentors.
Vision and mission

It is DigitalMindZ’s belief that corporate and government organisations, to be prosperous and fostering a sense of well-being, need to fundamentally reset their change mindset when embarking on a digital transformation. Success is achieved on the ability to broaden the organisation’s digital literacy,

laying the foundation for digital dexterity, guaranteeing superior digital maturity and an accelerated transformation capability.  DigitalMindZ expertly connects digital business leaders with a combination of digital experts and technology entrepreneurs.

We are fueled by the following observations

Organisations increasingly feel the need to accelerate their digital innovation
DigitalMindZ’s unique value proposition will pinpoint swiftly and convincingly missing key maker capabilities in your senior management and turn this into action.
To achieve the right velocity (directed acceleration) organisations fail to fully understand their digital maturity and transformation capabilities
We mentor individuals and groups through custom coaching from multiple experts liaised to the DigitalMindZ Academy for every relevant capability.
Board Rooms operate at a distance, delegate maker capabilities and are hardly involved with technology entrepreneurs
DigitalMindZ caters for engaging in digital journeys, tailored to your status quo, focused on custom made engagements with technology entrepreneurs.                                                                            
Lack of understanding the potential of engaging with entrepreneurs obstructs the harvesting of acceleration benefits
DigitalMindZ provides partners specialised in your business and liaised with selected technology entrepreneurs to your business solution needs. Our Innovation Engagement modelling is based on the pros and cons of many types of innovation and business technology accelerator programs.
There are thousands of digital entrepreneurs out there and just a small part of them proof to be viable
DigitalMindZ provide intelligence to configure engagements that are more effective and efficient than orthodox technology provider relations. That’s the power of our ECO-system.


DigitalMindZ is a one-stop-shop for digital transformation acceleration, by providing

DigitalMindZ is able to deliver swift and effectively by combining a unique set of capabilities

  • Mentor/coaching/boardroom consultancy
  • Leadership experience
  • Business specific Maker Ecosystems

Rebalance your focus from Good to Great

It’s good to talk to experts for information.
Connect and engage through the Digital MindZone with the right talent and experience is great!

It’s good to search for answers in databases.
Sharing ideas and get inspired at Digital MindZ Academy is great!

It’s good to study research and best practise.
It’s great to dream, think and learn by doing the Digital Journey.

It’s good to attend Bootcamps and mining lots of Data.
Building great solutions and experience success in the Digital MindZ Maker Room is great!

DigitalMindZ Ecosystem 

The Digital MindZ Ecosystem is designed to add velocity to your digital growth. Our ecosystem encompasses a combination of boardroom consulting, matching and maker capabilities that are truly able to accelerate your customer’s digital journey.
We operate as a cooperation to enable openness (free flow of IP) and agility (continuous improvement).

What we stand for
DigitalMindz maintain the following principles as our core values:

Customer Inspired:
We are obsessed with our customers’ success and put them at the core of our business.

Surprise our patrons:
We create impactful and signature moments along our customer’s digital journey

Our actions will always to be truthful, respectful, real, straightforward and transparent, always acting with courage, whilst challenging the status quo.

Growth Mindset:
We will continually seek to challenge, improve, innovate and look at things differently in order to stay relevant and efficient in a changing and disrupted marketspace.

Anchored in our work ethic and in our corporation’s values, it is the driving source of our agile working environment and our execution power. Act, show and prove!

We all act and perform like owners, accept personal accountability for every interaction, delivering our very best in all we do.

Connected autonomy:
We work “autonomously” together as one team on shared programs, on a shared mission regardless of our workplace. Disagree, but commit.


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The past 12 years I was a VP Executive Partner at Gartner servicing Private and Public CIOs supporting their mission critical initiatives. Blending my practical experiences and observations with indispensable research and best practices happened to be an optimal mix ripening my knowledge base.

My curious and facilitating mindset is the drive to create new realities every day. Technology offers an abundance of options these days. We need to select the right ones to grow new services and businesses.

Im an inspiring and enthusiastic man, always looking for innovative solutions. Experiencing the life of an Information Analyst/Consultant, as well as being in the role of a Business Unit CIO and a trusted partner of executives has offered me comprehensive insights about successful collaboration between Business and IT. Experience matters!

+31 6 10 28 41 36

It is my firm belief that winning Board Rooms turn out to be Maker Rooms.
Maker Executives don’t just understand the intersections of their business models and technology. They trust and inspire key individuals enough to avoid over-organization. By safeguarding true entrepreneurship they enable the creation of valuable business model innovations.

My background has been 25 years of consulting and interim management in financial services, lastly as Director ICT for a fintech bank.
I continuously wonder about the development of approaches to technology related change. Particularly for innovation reasons. By alternating advisory and interim change roles, I had the opportunity to syndicate theory and practice.

+31 6 18 85 92 32

My passion is servicing digital disruption around enterprise mobility through continuous dialogue.
This shaped me into an entrepreneur and key driver of new initiatives in the enterprise digital and mobile market. This led me to become co-investor in multiple ventures
With a focus on sharing knowledge between end-users, I am a creator of ecosystems tailored to address specific needs in increasingly challenging markets, off- and online. Recent examples have been hosting of the iOSX Enterprise Summit, the Holland Pavilion during the Smart City Expo and Mobile World Congress and co-founding of New Dutch Wave which was launched during SXSW in Austin, Texas.

+31 6 51 19 72 75

I am guided by the philosophy of “maximum results | Zero Sub-optimisation” in my passion for Mobile, Digital and Entrepreneurship.
Delighting in challenges both Academic and Economic I focus on converting client’s strategic mobile and digital issues into tactical opportunities for realization within our ecosystems