Digital Transformation Harnessed

DigitalMindZ is a multifaceted platform response to the increasing digital ‘tectonic’ shocks faced by private companies and public organizations across every sector. We deeply understand the crisis at the board and c-level to digitally accelerate without access to the right talent, leadership and strategy. This understanding also encompasses the vast array of talent rich but resource and access poor startups that collapse.

DmZ is a singular platform through which corporations and startups discover the solutions and connections to thrive. We can work at the board level to kick-start or enhance your digital revolution to connecting your startup to scale-ups and corporations desperate for digital solutions and talent. We are a leading authority in Digital Transformation and a Global Nexus of knowledge, leadership and partnerships.

Tomorrow is too late

Digitally Evolve

When a single digital innovation can cause entire product lines or even sectors to shrink or disappear altogether, corporate and institutions must evolve to survive –let alone thrive. This digital evolution can only be effectively achieved when board rooms become less like meetings and more like Situational Awareness rooms. C level executives should understand their roles to be defined not by traditional models, but rather dictated by the clear directive strategies they execute when armed with the right prescriptive information. To be effective in this ever changing role they must have access to the best mix of digital expertise, entrepreneurial advice and the right talent to execute their directives.

We’re talking about a fundamental shift in the makeup and duties of executives at the board and c-level. If organizations are to grow in a market environment experiencing continuous ‘digital quakes’ it means evolving to handle the increasing pressure of digipreneurs, shorter development cycles and increasing talent shortages.

The New Boardroom Reality

Board level strategy will be dictated by algorithms delivering instant predictive information. With the business clock speed set to digital C-level executives will adjust, refine and execute this strategy on a daily basis. Executives at every level should be engaged with the core business and fast tracking innovation+ development equally. They will be comfortable at pushing the boundaries, driven by the best in information resources, understanding risk as the currency of progression, driving them into fruitful acquisitions and collaborations with the right start-ups. You won’t be ‘waiting’ for the next digital shock – you’ll either be delivering them or ready to profit from it.

The focus is always bringing the business operations of the organization to a clock speed that matches digital progression, where momentum is daily and priorities are auctioned instantly. It’s about clearing every obstacle (whether organizational, developmental, etc) that reduces you operating at a digital speed.

Start Accelerating Now

What worked before doesn’t work again. It can be a hard realization but organizations must accept that if what got you where you are today cannot take you further you must evolve to harness digital acceleration as a force to both survive and grow. Deciding what step to take, let alone the actions needed and access to the right network of digipreneurs to achieve it, is what we do. Our focus is on what you need based on your unique mix of conditions, restrictions and DNA.

We offer a range of solutions and services but in terms of what suits you best we always start with a conversation.

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